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Of Sinew and Substance

Introspective Sci-Fi
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My Story
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Hello there, my name is Rhett Downing. I'm a 24-year-old graduate of Texas Tech University with a bachelor's in communication studies and public relations & strategic communication management. I'm also pursuing a master's degree in mass communication from TTU for another year, planning for a PhD in the future.


As an homage to some of my most beloved stories, I published my first novel called The Devil's Hideaway my freshman year of college. You'll notice the comparisons in archetypes, story lines, characters, settings, and conflicts from some of the media that influenced me so greatly since I was a child. Jurassic ParkThe Lost WorldAlien, and Predator are only some of the stories that sparked my first book.


Afterward, I was able to try and stoke a bit more original creativity into works that could truly be called mine, especially with fewer errors ;). Since then, I've published The Devil's Sanctum (sequel), Crocodile Tears, The Thoughtful Parasite and Of Sinew and Substance with Amber Writhing planned to be published in the next year or two.

In the future, look forward to more of my books like The Devil's Refuge (prequel) and The Pandora's Box of Romantic Certainty: A Young Man's Analysis of Love along with many others that simply haven't been named yet, but are well on their way to development as you read this.


Aside from writing, my hobbies include managing my ecommerce website (, trading the stock and foreign exchange markets, reading, hunting, playing video games, hiking, drawing, and staying in shape.


​I cannot thank all of you enough for the support along the way. It means an awful lot to me; more than words will ever be able to describe!


If you'd like a starting book by me, Crocodile Tears is absolutely the way to go!

Book Bios
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A well known biologist teaching at university, a gorgeous zoologist anxious to leave, a young botanist with too much time, a brute-like mercenary with a hunger for money, and a successful billionaire embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. Their destination leads them to the Southern region of the Pacific Ocean to a mysterious, unexplored island. They were hired to investigate and examine the flora and fauna; however, they learn that many things on the island do not follow the natural order that Mother Nature intended. The interlopers realize that each of them are being hunted by something otherworldly and unexplainable. Their lives plummet into peril and, little do they know, they must come to qualms with their pasts, presents, and futures. With overwhelming odds stacked against them, they still attempt to understand their enemy, but life itself may prove to be too unpredictable!

Eight long years have passed since the Ramahal Corporation’s endeavors on Isla Cybil. The events that happened there are still all but unheard of, except by the heir to the Ramahal Corp. With intentions to cure humanity’s greatest adversity since the dawn of mankind, the heir seeks to uncover a dire new secret deep within the island itself. With the power of Ramahal Corp. behind him, nothing will stand in his way. And the scientists who came back alive from the island all those years ago find themselves intertwined with the powers of Isla Cybil once more. Only this time, an ancient, begotten reality awaits them. 

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Since the dawn of mankind, humanity has found itself evolving with its environment. In the year 2412, humans have successfully adapted and co-evolved with technology. Across the globe, cybernetic augmentation has been governmentally, culturally, and morally sanctioned. With modern technological advancements, humans have constructed a future without the need for teeth or tongues, and their eyes are becoming better equipped to absorb artificial light. Nutrient plugs provide all the nourishing effects of physical sustenance, cybergenetic attachments speak through tablets, text, and neural connections, and a new layer covering their eyes has appeared for more efficient synthetic-light processing. The new generations of mankind are now being born without mouths and with a shimmering layer over their eyes. If children are born with neither of these modern characteristics, they are shunned and classified as deformed—either abandoned as newborns or left to grow old, forever-ostracized unless expensive augmentations are purchased. With the emergence of a new era, civilizations, cultures, and societies have changed. Along with it, new prejudices, biases, and intolerances have formed. The world has evolved, and the original race of mankind is dying.

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Discovering a purpose can be a difficult and daunting undertaking, even for a parasitic entity doomed with a ceaseless hunger for flesh, bone, and suitable hosts.

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Just over five centuries have passed since humanity’s extinction. The earth has retaken her home, leaving only memories of humanity behind. In this introspective journey, a machine with consciousness wonders about his existence and why he was left unscathed, doomed to contemplate the meaning of his life all alone. Though he understands his thoughts are nothing but code, he toils with the feelings meant only for the humans who created him. And with their departure, he finds himself afflicted with loneliness, desperately trying to find someone with whom he could converse about the purpose of creation itself. Though with time comes death, even to the inanimate. In knowing this, he seeks to find something or someone worth living for.

Book Bios
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